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  • IHT Open Day

    2019 Open Days:

    Join us at our Open Days for 2019, Sat­ur­days @ 10am

    9 Mar | 11 May | 27 July | 12 Oct

    Venue: IHT Hotel School
    3 Ries­ling Street
    Oude West­hof

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    Our Open Days are the ideal oppor­tu­nity for prospec­tive stu­dents to get an idea of the cam­pus envi­ron­ment we offer our stu­dents. It also serves as a taster of how we present classes, with a work­shop included in the Open Day pre­sen­ta­tion. Book­ing essen­tial, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Short Courses

Hos­pi­tal­ity short Courses

Var­i­ous hos­pi­tal­ity short courses are offered to assist you in fast track­ing your hos­pi­tal­ity career.

On offer are:

  • Food and Bev­er­age Management
  • Finan­cial Man­age­ment in Hospitality
  • Super­vi­sory and Lead­er­ship Skills

Please con­tact IHT Hotel School for fur­ther infor­ma­tion at info@​ihthotelschool.​com

Waiter Train­ing

For many years IHT Hotel School has been assist­ing High Schools in the West­ern Cape to train their learn­ers in Food and Bev­er­age skills required by the sub­ject: Hos­pi­tal­ity Stud­ies. The school may bring the learn­ers to the IHT cam­pus for train­ing in our train­ing restau­rant or the Food and Bev­er­age lec­turer will train the learn­ers at the school using the facil­i­ties of the school.

The train­ing offered to learn­ers cover the following:

  • basic cus­tomer care
  • prepar­ing the venue for Food and Bev­er­age Service
  • set­ting tables for dif­fer­ent menus
  • greet­ing and seat­ing guests in the restaurant
  • sequence and tech­niques of food and bev­er­age ser­vice includ­ing the crumb­ing down procedures
  • clear­ing table tech­niques for buf­fet and plated service
  • serv­ing non-​alcoholic beverages
  • serv­ing wine with meals
  • sil­ver service
  • han­dling guests complaints

The Food and Bev­er­age lec­turer, a qual­i­fied asses­sor, fur­ther assist schools to assess their learn­ers dur­ing their final prac­ti­cal examinations.

Please con­tact IHT Hotel School for fur­ther infor­ma­tion at info@​ihthotelschool.​com

Our Busi­ness Short Courses

When it comes to being suc­cess­ful in the busi­ness world, so many busi­ness skills are needed to ensure a flour­ish­ing career. Allow IHT Hotel School to assist you in fast track­ing your career by attend­ing some of our work­shops or short courses. We offer the fol­low­ing in the form of work­shops or short courses:

  • Busi­ness Writ­ing is a short course assist­ing the busi­ness­man in work­ing with words and writ­ing meet­ing agen­das, writ­ing e-​mails, writ­ing busi­ness let­ters, pro­pos­als and reports. This short course gives any­one the skills to com­mu­ni­cate pro­fes­sion­ally in the workplace.
  • The Time Man­age­ment Work­shop will cover strate­gies to help par­tic­i­pants learn these cru­cial strategies.
  • The Busi­ness Acu­men Work­shop is pop­u­lar amongst newly appointed man­agers where an under­stand­ing of finance, strat­egy, and deci­sion mak­ing is required. Most man­agers and employ­ees, how­ever, are respon­si­ble for spe­cific areas, and they have lit­tle under­stand­ing of the impact their deci­sions have on other areas. When too much focus is placed on one aspect of the busi­ness, it is dif­fi­cult to make deci­sions for the good of the com­pany. In order to make effec­tive deci­sions, it is nec­es­sary for you to exam­ine the big picture.
  • Our Cus­tomer Ser­vice short course or work­shop is one of the most pop­u­lar short courses offered by IHT Hotel School. Top­ics such as the fol­low­ing are included in this course are:
  • Defin­ing and dis­cussing Cus­tomer Service
  • Estab­lish­ing Attitude
  • Iden­ti­fy­ing and address­ing cus­tomer needs
  • Gen­er­at­ing return business
  • In-​person cus­tomer service
  • Tele­phonic cus­tomer service
  • Elec­tronic cus­tomer service
  • Recov­er­ing dif­fi­cult customers
  • Deal­ing with threats
  • Wow­ing your cus­tomers every time

Please con­tact IHT Hotel School for fur­ther infor­ma­tion at info@​ihthotelschool.​com

OUR com­puter short courses

Become Com­puter Lit­er­ate and increase your employability!

Com­puter lit­er­acy is a must for any­one want­ing to suc­ceed in their cho­sen career. In this day and age, the impor­tance of employ­ees with com­puter skills is unde­ni­able in any busi­nesses and there­fore the demand for com­puter lit­er­ate employ­ees is grow­ing daily.

Every organ­i­sa­tion needs to be reas­sured that the employ­ees they appoint are able to han­dle real-​world, technology-​based respon­si­bil­i­ties. For this rea­son we have devel­oped com­puter skills courses to give you an under­stand­ing of all the basic skills needed to use a PC and its rel­e­vant soft­ware. With appli­ca­tions like Word, Excel, Pow­er­Point, Pub­lisher and Access you will be able to cre­ate almost any type of doc­u­ment needed to use in a busi­ness. Know­ing how to use all the func­tion­al­ity to its full poten­tial you will be able to cre­ate any­thing from the most basic text doc­u­ments to advanced and com­plex spread­sheets and databases.

IHT Hotel School offers you com­pre­hen­sive and pro­fes­sional train­ing from our highly qual­i­fied instructors.

Course 1: Intro­duc­tion to computers

Any­one who has never before worked with com­put­ers and wants to increase their employ­a­bil­ity should attend this course.

  • Intro­duc­tion to Computers
  • Intro­duc­tion to MS Word 2010®
  • Intro­duc­tion to MS Excel 2010®
  • Intro­duc­tion to MS Pow­er­Point 2010®

This course is offered over four months and stu­dents attend classes twice a week in the evenings or on Sat­ur­days.

Please con­tact IHT for more infor­ma­tion. A brochure con­tain­ing an exten­sive out­lay of the course is avail­able on request at info@​ihthotelschool.​com

Course 2: Intro­duc­tory and Inter­me­di­ate Excel 2010 for Business

Any­one that needs to know Microsoft Office Excel and per­form daily tasks on it should enrol for this course.

Stu­dents will learn to cre­ate spread­sheets and work­books that you can use to store, manip­u­late, and share your data. Build­ing on this, the course con­tin­ues in the sec­ond mod­ule to teach you to cre­ate advanced work­books and work­sheets which include advanced for­mu­las, tables, Piv­ot­Ta­bles and data filtering.

In the third mod­ule, stu­dents will learn the more advanced fea­tures of Excel, includ­ing audit­ing work­books to avoid errors, shar­ing data, anyl­iz­ing date as well as to use Excel data in other applications.

Detailed out­lay of this course is avail­able on request at info@​ihthotelschool.​com

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