IHT Hotel School



Current student at IHT Hotel School / Intern at Sky Villas Boutique Hotel, Plettenberg Bay and Grootbos Nature Reserve, Stanford
‘HOME. That is IHT for you in a single word. Our Lecturers are awe-inspiring. I appreciate how they go above and beyond for each individual student; giving us room to thrive individually as students. The lessons are interactive and passionate. Every Module equips you with sufficient knowledge, that I have found to be incredibly useful to me during my first industry internship. IHT Hotel School grooms you and leads you to greatness. I believe I am incredible lucky to be a part of the IHT family and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an out of the ordinary college experience.’


IHT Graduate and General Manager at the Rockefeller Hotel, Newmark Hotel group, Cape Town
‘The last 15 years have been one incredible journey since completing my studies at IHT. I joined with the hopes to see the world and to build a career in hospitality. During our studies we were able to complete our practical's at some of the best establishments in South Africa. This was possible since IHT has incredible relationships with many top hotels and a solid reputation as a respectable private hotel school.
Many classes are presented by industry professionals with 1st hand experience. You are equipped with international standards in theory and able to put that to practice. When you graduate you feel that you can take on the world.
Despite many years of working experience for various brands I still need to present my qualification when applying for new roles and with an IHT qualification I have been able to successfully progress.’


IHT Graduate and Meetings & Events Coordinator at Century City Conference Centre & Hotel
‘There are many reasons for doing the things we do in life. But whatever you do, do it with passion, give your best and never give up, as learning paired with hard work is the key to sustainable career growth.
The idea of being “just a number” in a large tertiary studies institution was never really what I had in mind for myself. So when my late Ouma came across IHT, featured in a local newspaper, I knew it was the place for me. Each student was celebrated for their own uniqueness - our strengths were enhanced and our weaknesses improve upon. The support received and relationships built during my time at IHT was priceless - lecturers took the time to get to know each student and always went the extra mile to ensure we succeeded. From early hours before classes right through to the evenings, they always availed themselves to ensure we reached our goals.
Valuable knowledge, skills and experiences were gained, of which none is more important than the values I now hold within myself: Determination, Tenacity and Excellence. It is what pushes me to always give my best, to never give up, to learn from each new day, and to always do it with passion!’


Current student at IHT Hotel School / Intern at Motswari Private Game Reserve, Hoedspruit & Grootbos Nature Reserve, Stanford
‘IHT Hotel School is an exceptional school.
It is a small college that offers students one on one interaction with lectures (who are absolutely amazing- not only incredible people but also great at what they do). Each lecturer has their own unique method of presenting their subjects and it is clear that they have a great passion for what they do!
I would highly recommend IHT Hotel School, as the subjects that are offered are very useful in industry.
Theory is a big part of the curriculum but in numerous subjects there is a practical component. For those who enjoy seeing things from a different point of view, outings are arranged to show students how the industry operates and providing knowledge that will aid them when they go out into the working world.
One cannot go wrong becoming a part of the IHT family!’


IHT Graduate and Duty Manager for Silversea Cruises
‘The industry is truly a small one with many people that have either worked with or know of IHT Hotel School.
Time flies when you're having fun - 10 years ago I was busy with my final year at IHT Hotel School. Back then I would not have been able to guess the amount of doors that would open for me in my career due to the qualification I received from IHT as well as the contacts I built up through IHT. The course material at IHT really equips you for an ever changing industry. I have worked in many sectors of the industry over the past 10 years and can truly say that IHT set me up for an exciting international career that I still thoroughly enjoy.
Looking back, IHT really was a home-away-from-home for me with many friendships built and family made with fellow classmates and lecturers.’


IHT Graduate, Prior lecturer at IHT and Clifton Strengths Coach at Organizational Health Solutions
‘As a student, IHT Hotel School has always been synonymous with growth, development and personalized support. They offered theoretical and practical skills that did not only equip me and my fellow students for the International Hospitality Industry but for life in general. It was a place where classmates became lifelong friends and staff were much more than just learning facilitators of the highest quality – they became wise and supportive ‘parents’. Some of my fondest and most formative life experiences were had at IHT Hotel School.
After completing my studies at IHT and CPUT, I returned to IHT as a lecturer and this is likely where my passion for training and development was nurtured. The staff team quickly became family. My heart has always been for the development of people and seeing their potential reached, and IHT allowed me to live this dream in a supportive environment, surrounded by some of the brightest future leaders that the hospitality (and many other industries) could hope for. I will always cherish my time as a student and lecturer at IHT because of the brilliant staff team, the world-class programme and the personalized approach to training and development that sits at the heart of the school. If a school with an excellent programme and attentive staff is what you are looking for, stop looking, you found it.’
IHT’s 2023 Open Days are hosted on-campus on Saturdays @ 10am, once per term. The Open Days include an info session, cooking demo, campus tour, and an informal Q&A session with coffee. Note: our coffee is good and free!